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Help support the Chattahoochee Riverlands trail project and regional trail connectivity by providing comments in support of the inclusion of multi-use in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area park units.  Currently the CRNRA trail plan omits the majority of the preferred trail route which would force the trail alignment along busy state highways and arterial roadways.

The mentioned and proposed trails represent just a small fraction of the trail mileage in the CRNRA parks and the majority of park acreage and trails would remain accessible to hikers only.  However, the proposed trail alignments for the preferred Riverlands route offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for transformative multi-modal trail access across the Greater Atlanta Region.

Thankfully, you can help!  Take time to provide your feedback during the current and upcoming public engagement process for the NPS trails plan and let the Parks Service know that multi-model access in the the NPS Park Units is a priority.  Use the below sample comments or write your own, but take a few moments to learn more about the trails and then write the NPS and let them know you support multi-use trails in YOUR local National Parks!


As a local mobility advocate I support the PREFERRED route of the Chattahoochee Riverlands project and the inclusion of more multi-modal trails that allow shared bike and pedestrian access across the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area Park Units.  Specifically, I support the following projects inclusion in the current CRNRA Trails Plan:

  1. HYDE FARM TRAIL - From Columns Drive and Johnsons Ferry through the Johnsons Ferry Unit of the park to Hyde Farm and the Lower Roswell Road Multi-Use trail. The alternative route along Johnsons Ferry Road is an unacceptable alternative due to numerous safety concerns.
  2. MORGAN FALLS BRIDGE - A Bridge Connecting the above HYDE FARM TRAIL to the Sandy Springs Trail System and Morgan Falls Park.  Not including this bridge is an unacceptable alternative which would severely and negatively impact connectivity to the regional network, a stated goal of the current trails plan.
  3. VICKERY CREEK MULTI USE TRAIL - The Vickery Creek Multi-Use Trail as proposed by Roswell Creekways from Oxbo Trail to the Roswell Riverwalk Trail along existing sewer lines through the Vickery Creek Unit of the NPS property.  The proposed closure of sections of this trail is an unacceptable alternative that would severely and negatively impact the connectivity to the regional trail network, a stated goal of the current trails plan.
  4. ADDITIONAL PREFERRED ROUTE SECTIONS ON NPS PROPERTY - I support the inclusion of all other preferred route sections of the proposed Chattahoochee Riverlands Trail System in the current NPS trails plan to allow for the best possible and most accessible version of the Chattahoochee Riverlands trail.

The above trails are essential to both the future of the Chattahoochee Riverlands and trail connectivity in the Metro Atlanta Area.  I believe exclusion of Multi-use trails from the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area does a disservice to residents and visitors to the area and fails to fulfill the promise the Riverlands trail system.  The CRNRA has to become a key agent of change in the Atlanta Area by supporting the adoption of alternative modes of transporation and recreation via environmentally and socially sustainable multi-use trails that connect to the greater regional network.