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ATTENTION: NEW START TIME! Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 6:30 pm. The Bike Roswell! Board business meetings are normally held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm, unless otherwise noted here. If you would like to be an active part of this dynamic bicycle advocacy organization email Lise. The meeting will be held at the Roswell Area Park Activity Building, 10495 Woodstock Rd, Roswell, GA 30075 (directions on Membership page). If you have a topic you want discussed, you are welcome to notify our Secretary, Bill Mitchell, here.

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Interested in fun cycling stuff - videos, unique links, images, ideas, you know just cool stuff about cycling? Then go to:
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Fun Cycling Stuff

Here are some fun cycling related links and articles that have been passed on to us to share with you.


Bicycle Anecdotes from Amsterdam

Here is an impressive video from Amsterdam. (Actually 1 plus 3 more impressive videos) This site provides a nice cross-section of commentary on life in the City of Bikes. For the main video, if you’d like to skip directly to topics, they’ve grouped the comments under five general headings.

0:17 Rejecting the Automobile
2:15 A bike system that works for everyone
4:05 There’s a science to what looks like “bicycle chaos”
5:55 Coming to The Netherlands from the United States
7:33 Dutch Bicycle Culture

ALSO, see “How did the Netherlands get so Bicycle Friendly?” for more about how this bicycle nirvana came about.

Flying Bike Completes Test Flight

flyingbikeTF     FlyingBike2
                       Video of Test Flight                                                  Concept and Design

 Danny, Oh Danny!

You know Danny MacAskill (if you ride on two wheels, you should!).  Danny Macaskill is a Scottish trials cyclist with a serious flair for extreme mountain biking.

Here are a few episodes that show a glimpse of this guy’s incredible talent  –    Sit back and enjoy!

“The Ridge,” by Macaskill’s Cut Media, is a brand new film featuring this Scottish daredevil as he hops on his mountain bike and returns to the Isle of Skye, Scotland – his native home.

Watch as he takes on the death-defying Cuillin Ridgeline:

Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate.

MacAskill_Imaginate2  MacAskill_Imaginate
.                                                                              Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate

..and more:

MacAskill_Imaginate MacAskill_Imag-Ep2 MacAskill_Imag-Ep3 MacAskill_Imag-Ep4
. In the Balance – Ep 1               Taking Shape- Ep 2              Perfect Space – Ep 3              Time to Ride – Ep 4

Red Bull Kludge:  An athlete-powered machine

Who says bikes can’t be useful

Define “What is a Kluge”.   KLUGE: /KLOOJ/ NOUN, SLANG – A witty, yet inelegant solution that succeeds in performing a particular task.  Check this thing out here.

Just goes to show that bicycles have an almost unlimited potential in human powered endeavors!

They make it look easy

moto_lookalike moto_look

Road Humor


Bike to Work Day –

.                   Bike To Work - May 17 biketowork4     biketowork2       biketowork3

The “Bicycles Forever” exhibit

Photo taken by Dora F., a friend of Bike Roswell! living in Toronto.

Bicycles Forever: This Mesmerizing Ai Weiwei Installation is Made from 3,144 Bicycles

1000 Bicycles:  This is Ai Weiwei’s 1000 Bicycles



Is this a Tall Bike or what???  ..but what fun!

StoopidTall     StoopidTallfromSmall     StoopidTall3
Gotta see this!                      News Article                 A 34d party video

Think it’s time for Roswell to have our own Ciclavia?  Want to help make it happen? Email Harry with Bike Roswell!


 Posters to think about


Bike Facts


Grab Life by the Handlebars


Ride your bike in space!  ..and go 17,000+ MPH

Space Bike



Are You More Awesome?

Bike Awesome


Want to make your bike sound like a horse trotting?

Horst Trot Sound                           Bike Trot Sound

Here is a Horse Trotting Sound           Here is a Bike Trotting Sound
Think about it!  Mystify your buddies.  On your next group bike ride make them think, “This guy’s bike must be a horse!”   You would surely be the star of the ride..  (Not sure if that would be a real good thing though).

 Bikes Save Lives!  Or, Curious George’s Great Escape.


How does Curious George and bicycles come together to save lives?  Here’s a story of how the inquisitive monkey and two bicycles saved a German couple’s lives.

WOW!  Hurricane Sandy on Bikes in NYC.

Click on image for video

You think you’ve seen and heard all about Hurricane Sandy (October 2012)?
Well, with this video you can experience it digitally via guys on bikes.  Facinating!
Click here for video.


How did the Netherlands get so Bicycle Friendly?


Click on images for a larger view.  Think we can do this?  Click on “Answer” below for a video

If you’ve visited the Netherlands, you know how incredible their bicycle culture is.  Or, you probably have heard about it.  Below is a video and more on how they were able to depend less on the automobile and rely more on the bicycle for transportation and recreation.   Think their bicycle culture was always there?  Not so.  It was a relative recent occurrence.  Here is a video answer to how this phenomenon occurred.   For the whole enchilada, click HERE for a good blog on “How the Dutch got their cycling paths.”

If you haven’t clicked on it already, here is a video “Answer”.  🙂

  2012 National Bike Challenge Results:

Created by Kimberly-Clare, national HQ right here in good ol’ Roswell, GA, this national challenge ran May 1 to August 31 with the goal of uniting 50,000 people to bike 10 million miles.  ..and the results are in:

Team Bike Roswell! finished in 1st Place in the state of Georgia!

  • As a team, we accumulated over 13,000 miles on the bike!
  • As a team, we finished 84th nationally!
  • Individually, Team Captain Steve Thomas finished in 1st Place in Georgia!
  • Individually, Bike Roswell! President Doug Fallon finished in 2ne Place in Georgia
Team members were: Steve Thomas, Doug Fallon, Emil J Walcek, Chris Lind, Steve Acenbrak, Frank Eastland, Luke Broadwell, Eric Broadwell, Matt Foree, Tom Erdmanczyk
Well done!  We all have a lot to be proud of by working together.

The goal of the National Bike Challenge was for more than fifty thousand riders logging over ten million miles, demonstrating the power of the bicycle to build healthy people, healthy communities, and a healthy planet.  Although the Challenge is over, for those willing to still log miles – the site is a great way to maintain your stats.

See more about the Challenge here.

Join the Challenge



       (Click on images for greater detail and/or more information)

   Old Bikes Never Die


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Bike Style?


Contributions from Hetz, Doug, Steve &  biCYCle Store Paris:


Rider Danny MacAskill – Adventurer of the Year?

A street trials rider redefines how we view urban landscapes—and becomes a global icon in the process.  ..and was nominated for National Geographic’s “Adventurer of the Year 2012.

MacAskill Industrial revolutions                                               MacAskill riding a cable

Read full National Geographic article here.

Some of Danny’s other amazing videos:

Coming Home

Plays Capetown

Industrial Revolutions


Cycling Music Videos

Turntable Rider

Performance Rider!


If you run across something cool and/or extraordinary in the world of cycling and want to share with your cycling community, just send it to me at webmaster@bikeroswell.com and I’ll use my editorial privledges to share them with the world.   (Also, thanks to you that have shared cool stuff with us so far).