GA400 Express Lanes

A Liveable Holcomb Bridge Corridor


The purpose of this page is to provide information regarding the proposed GA400 Express Lanes project underway by GDOT.  Thankfully Roswell has created a vision for this corridor in advance that is a liveable, multi-modal gateway to our city. 

Any project that moves forward should implement "complete streets" best practices for all on-street segments of the project (intersections, bridges, underpasses) and include trails to aid multi-modal connectivity through the project area.

"Roswell’s vision for the Holcomb Bridge Road Corridor at SR 400 is to provide a transportation system that affords safe mobility and access for all users (automobiles, transit, pedestrian, and cyclists), and promotes redevelopment and economic vitality, supports a vibrant activity center that capitalizes on major regional access with SR 400, and serves as the gateway to the City."

2012 Holcomb Bridge Corridor Study

Holcomb Bridge Road

The GA400 Express Lanes project proposes to replace the current bridge over GA400.  The central component of Roswell's vision for the Holcomb Bridge Road corridor established in 2012 begins with a bridge focused on the improved safety of all users with importance of separated bike and pedestrian facilities.  This bridge serves as a central hub for a future robust trail network connecting Roswell East, West, North and South.  This bridge also provides access to Roswell's only East/West bus transit option.  Even with the current bridges substandard bicycle and pedestrian facilities more than 200 bikes and pedestrians crossed the bridge daily in 2012.

A critical peice of the 2012 study included a recommendation for a Holcomb Bridge Road Underpass.  Including, at minimum, a bike and pedestrian underpass during the construction of the new bridge would allow a primarily car free connection from the Big Creek Greenway to the Chattahoochee Riverwalk.


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HBR underpass and proposed Big Creek Greenway connection - 2012 HBR study
HBR underpass and proposed Big Creek Greenway connection - 2012 HBR study
Crash Rates that are
higher than the state average
Crashes Resulting in injury

"Because of its dual role of serving both local and regional traffic, HBR faces heavy congestion and safety issues along most of its segments, especially the segments in the vicinity of the HBR/SR 400 interchange.

These issues also create a formidable barrier to pedestrian and bicycle
movement which are key to connecting the community at a human scale."

2012 Holcomb Bridge Corridor Study

New GA400 Bridge over Big Creek

The current highway bridge across Big Creek is proposed to be replaced as part of the project.  A new bridge should be built to allow a Big Creek Greenway trail extension under GA400 as is outlined in Roswell's Master Transportation Plan.

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Southern Express Lane Access Bridge

This proposed bridge would provide access to the new GA400 Express Lanes, but also provide local connectivity across 400 from Grimes Bridge/Old Dogwood intersection to Old Alabama Road.

Chattahoochee River Bridge

The GA400 Bridge over the Chattahoochee River will be expanded.  As part of this expansion both the City of Roswell and the City of Sandy Springs have asked GDOT to provide a bike and pedestrian trail connection across the river.

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Big Creek Parkway

The Big Creek Parkway Bridge is a separate TSPLOST Project, but will have significant impact on the HBR corridor by providing a local traffic option around GA400 interchange and providing bike and pedestrian facilities.  Big Creek Parkway's design should serve as a minimum standard for bicycle and pedestrian facilities for all other bridges involved in the GA400 project.

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Urge them to work with GDOT to implement complete streets and the plans outlined in the 2012 HBR corridor study as well as trail plans outlined in this and City of Roswell's Master Transportation plans which call for multi-use trail system along the GA400 corridor and across the river to Sandy Springs.

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