Our Next Meeting

Our next business meeting has been rescheduled from Wednesday, July 4th to Wednesday, July 11, 2018 , 6:30 - 8:00 PM at Roswell Bicycles, 670 Houze Way, Roswell, GA 30076
Come early and stock up on supplies with the Bike Roswell! discount. The Bike Roswell! Board business meetings are normally held at this location on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm, unless otherwise noted here. If you would like to be an active part of this dynamic bicycle advocacy organization email Lise Walker, President.. If you have a topic you want discussed, you are welcome to notify our Secretary.

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 Bike Education for Big & Small


(See below and here for Kids Safety education videos)

Bikes 4 Families

On the third Thursday of each month the Roswell Square comes alive with at Bike Roswell!’s booth during”Alive After 5″. Bike Roswell! is raffling off bicycles for $5 per ticket in order to help get more families in Roswell and surrounding communities on bicycles. Proceeds from the raffles go to Bike Roswell!’s program for Bicycle Safety Education. More info here.

Georgia Law for Motorists: Give 3 Feet 2 Pass

Click here for a video of the law and learn more on Bicycle Safety.

Safe Road Cycling –

Our last class of this season was held in Sept

Stay tuned for more education classes and opportunities from Bike Roswell!  Want a class?  Let us know. Email us your comments, suggestions and requests here.  We’d love to hear from you!

Class: Safe Riding on the Road for Leisure, Commuting and Training

Knowing where to position a bike on the roadway for high visibility is the most critical skill you can learn if you plan to “Share the Road” with cars. This course helps new and seasoned cyclists learn to ride safely, legally, and with confidence on the road.

Topics in this course include:

  • Rider predictability, visibility and awareness
  • Potential hazards and dangerous scenarios
  • Crossing multiple lanes for left hand turns
  • Crash avoidance and emergency maneuvers
  • Scanning while maintaining a straight line
  • Emergency turns in the event a car turns in front of you
  • Dodging objects while maintaining control
  • Accessories and tools for smart and safe cycling
  • Basic maintenance and tire changing

After completing the classroom portion and bike handling drills, students take to the street, practicing the principles they have learned. After completing this course, students view “Sharing the Road” in a completely new light, be it behind the wheel of a car or on their bike.    

Class was held Sept 21st

Times:  9:15 am – 2:00 pm
Where:  Roswell Area Park
                Bill Johnson Community Activity Building
                10495 Woodstock Road
                Roswell, GA 30076
                Map & Directions
 For more information via email click HERE.

A Snell or ANSI approved helmet and bicycle in good working condition are required for this course.



Bikes on the road in North Fulton

A North Fulton Neighbor newspaper column, by Steve Howard:

Bikes on the road test my patience.  Can’t they ride on the sidewald, don’t they have to obey the law, who do they ride in the lane when there is room on the shoulder?  The roads are for cars, not bikes.  Don’t those women and men riding their bikes on the roads know how dangerous it is for everybody?

Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m also a cyclist…  Read more here

Questions about bike education or Bike Roswell! University?

Contact our V.P. or Education Chair via Email here  

or Email other questions to our Secretary here 


Cycling Safety Education

Rules of the RoadVideo PSA

Bicycles = Fun / Freedom – at any age.  Just remember the Rules of the Road when you’re riding and/or driving.

Also, watch these excellent videos:
Georgia Bikes PSA video here.
Road ID: Rules of the Road

For more on BICYCLE SAFETY & EDUCATION click here

Bike Roswell! Participates in Bike Month Education

Click here to view Bike Roswell! educating middle schoolers.  Start them riding early and safely we say!     More photos at FALLON DESIGN, Inc – Hembree Springs Bike To School

Bike Roswell! is here to help with this issue of educating cyclists and motorists alike.  Regularly scheduled classes have ended for this year, however if you would like to enroll in a “Safe Road Cycling” class just email us here.  If we can get enough people to attend each class, we can have as many classes as the traffic will bear (so to speak).