Route Host and Activity Partners Info

Route Host and Activity Partners Info

THANK YOU! To all of the businesses and groups who submitted applications for ROSWELL MOVES!  the application period is now CLOSED and no additional applications are being accepted.  All applicants should have received an acceptance or denial letter via e-mail. 

All businesses and organizations wishing to participate in Roswell Moves must complete an application. Once application is completed the application will be reviewed by the Roswell Moves! event committee and applicants will be notified of event participation by 3/28 at the latest. Completing application does NOT guarantee a spot at event.

Applicants have the option to participate in three ways:

ROUTE HOST: Is your business/organization directly on the route? If you answered yes, we encourage you to participate in the event beyond just extending your storefront. For example, a Yoga or fitness studio can offer free classes out front of their studio or in the street out front of their business. A brewery could host field-day games for adults and a restaurant could create an outdoor seating area.

ACTIVITY PARTNER: Activity Partners are businesses or organizations outside of the route, but want to provide an activity and engage with attendees. Preference will be given to Activity Partners that align in some way to our mission. Our overall mission is promoting health and wellness, transportation options, civic pride and community engagement.

EVENT/ACTIVITY SPONSOR: Larger local or regional businesses with revenue of over $1,000,000 are asked to become an event/activity sponsor. Receive additional exposure and benefits for your business/organization by becoming an event sponsor!

Check out our Roswell Moves! Pinterest page for activity ideas or check out some ideas below:

Free opportunities for participating:


  • organize a “first Fridays” style gallery tour.  Canton street will be dedicated to pedestrians and other non motorized traffic making “tours” easier than ever  Plus with no outside alcohol vendors offering a free glass of wine and some cheese can help attract folks into your business. Wherever possible look to bring displays outside and closer to the street.
  • art galleries partner with art groups to offer free art activities (chalk drawing, Roswell Rocks rock painting, a live art demonstration from a local artist, etc.)


  • bring seating down to street (we do not want to block street as we want people to be able to move freely up and down street)
  • ‎selling drinks out front – no outside alcohol vendors so take advantage and offer beer/wine purchase out front of your establishment
  • free samples of appetizer, etc. Let people try out some of your food
  • offer other free activities out front in any space you have available – free cooking class (how to make a great healthy snack), cornhole, hula hoops, chalk drawing, etc
  • Partner with a health focused or community focused group for an activity 


  • bring some of your product out front for street sale, trunk sale, etc.
  • invite local artisans, craft sellers, jewelry makers who are sold in your shop to attend and do live demonstrations of their work
  • Test out product or make easy craft
  • Hold a how to:
    • How to portage a boat
    • Fishing tips
    • Load a boat on a car (properly tie down and secure)  


  • Coordinate class outside at your space, partner with restaurant or shop for free class out front of their space
  • Coordinate with Bike Roswell! to lead an activity in the street such as a free class
  • Partner with restaurant to hold talk/live demonstration about healthy eating, etc.


  • reach out to a community group you support and schedule a special event with them – an arts group, a local running club, an animal shelter, etc. And let them setup on your property or if they need more space connect them with us and we can coordinate so they have partial use of street in front of your business
  • Chalk A-frames, balloons, etc. Indicating you are open and inviting people in
  • offer a free activity for people, free giveaway (all kids get a free balloon),
  • bring in your own entertainment.  Bands will be at far end of street (9 and Woodstock) but you can have bands as well – front porch concerts or front lawn or inside all work.  If outside, let us know so we can coordinate
  • Don’t forget about other entertainment, such as performance art, dance, puppet show, etc.


See full event deck for more information about this Open Streets event

Questions or need additional information?  Email