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 Commute by Bicycle!

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“If you live at a moderate distance (3-7 miles) from work within metro Atlanta, riding to work can save you valuable time. I have measured the amount of time that it takes for me to ride vs drive to work and riding just takes 2 minutes longer over a 5-mile commute!! Not only that, it saves me about 45 minutes of working out after work…

“Think about it, it’s a great way to reduce traffic-related stress and be productive on your way to work,” says Luis Gu Berrios, Bike Roswell! board member) If you live in Roswell / Alpharetta and would like some help figuring out safe / easy routes to commute on, reach out to us at Bike Roswell! here.

Commuting Resources

The True Cost of Commuting — A classic (with over 300 comments and counting).

Freedom From the Grid: Become a Bike Commuter — All the reasons you need to commute by bike.

MARTA – Take Your Bike for a Ride; Make MARTA part of your bike commute!

Bike to Work Commuter’s Booklet

The Hows, Whys and Simple Pleasures of the Two-Wheeled Commute

Log your commute for the week. Remember that by continuing to log your commute, you can track your financial savings and air pollution reduction. To log your commute, visit

Want to bike to work in the Roswell/North Fulton area?   Bike Roswell! has many members already doing this and we might be able to help you do the same.  Let us know how we might help you, i.e. establish a safe route to your work, offer tips and suggestions about local traffic, match you with other commuters already traveling in your area, etc.  Feel free to Email us with your questions.

More Cash Incentives For Riding Your Bike To Work:
Get up to $20 per month from your employer.  Find out how here.

Bike Safety, Education and Laws

Bicycle Education
Bike Roswell! University’s class “Safe Riding in Traffic for Leisure, Commuting and Training” is an excellent class for commuters – beginning and experienced cyclists alike..   Click here to view classes and dates.

Bicycle Safety and Bike Laws
Bicycle Safety resources page for videos, Georgia Bicycle Laws and more.
How Not to Get Hit by Cars – Good info on accident avoidance.


Bicycle commuting requires some advance planning.  For example, how do you organize your work clothing for the week?  What about lack of shower facilities at work?  Here are some tips:

Work clothes:  Many commuters transport their work clothes daily via a messenger bag, rack bag, panniers, etc.   Another option is to drive your car to work one day per week, loaded with all the things you’ll need for the week (clothing, toiletries. etc.) and then take home last week’s load for the laundry. article:  “Cold-Weather Riding: Tips to Stay Warm on the Bike”

Shower Facilities
(of lack of them) at work –  Some say you just don’t ride hard enough to sweat.  They obviously don’t ride here in the Southeast.  If you don’t have access to shower facilities at your workplace you still have some good options.  Join a nearby gym in order to use their showers and lockers.   Otherwise, all you need is access to a restroom, a toiletry kit, wash cloth and towel.  At the least, paper towels, isopropyl alcohol swabs and a little cologne or perfume work wonders.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

More commuting tips and resources

Bike Route Tools:
Google Maps (Google Map’s Biking Directions Help),
How to find the perfect bike route using Google Maps.
Map My Ride

Email us if you would like help finding a good bike commute route in or through Roswell, GA.

Selecting Your Commute Bike:
Ask your local bike shop for their suggestions. Don’t depend on the Internet nor well meaning friends and family when seeking professional advice like this. Besides, the Internet won’t keep your bike serviced for you.


Go here to view our Bicycle Safety page

Even More:

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Now, get out there and commute by bike!    

Once you’ve covered these areas, you’re ready to ride.  Go for it!  You will find that you arrive to work energized after a good bike ride, you’ll save money on all of the gas you’re not using, and you’ll be on your way to being in the best shape of your life!

Questions or Suggestions?  Email us.  Also, let us know how your commute is going.